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You have to understand that when it comes to any kind of activity, you have to properly define your parameters. Otherwise, you’re going to fail. This happens all the time. It is crucial. It cannot be overlooked or ignored.

A lot of guys go out there and do things by the seat of their pants and they fail again and again. I wish I can tell them that this is all a surprise. I wish that I can tell them that this was all unforeseen. Unfortunately, if I did that, I would be lying to them.

You see, if you fail to plan, what you’re really doing is planning to fail. This applies to all activities in your life. In fact, it applies across the board. This definitely applies to figuring out how to bang milfs in my area.

The most important part of the planning process is to be totally realistic regarding the age factor. You see, a lot of guys get all caught up when it comes to the age of the milf that they’re trying to get with. They turn it into a fetish. They get all excited about it, they talk to their friends about it, they giggle like school age girls when getting how old the woman is that they’re banging.

What happens here is that when you focus on the age instead of the action or the attitude, you set yourself up for failure. Because what happens is, you start chasing after that instead of looking at a realistic definition of milfs in my area and thereby increasing your chances of probable success. This is really important because your attitude regarding all the different factors in any kind of undertaking has a profound impact on your performance. Last but not leads, don’t forget to use the best milf site out there!

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